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"Sophisticated and accessible with beautiful melodies and a lush orchestration..." SG 

"Orchestrations and vocal arrangements...set a new level of achievement at ​The Lamb’s Theatre" JH 


"Rich with melody, heart and humor" Steve Barnes, Times Union (review of Young Dr Jekyll) 

"A unique musical signature, born as much out of the discipline of a hard working and gifted composer, arranger and producer" RB

New Release - Stone Crossed studio concept album

Humbug, The Scrooge Musical

Humbug, the Scrooge Musical (formerly Scrooge In Concert) debuted off-Broadway ​and has been seen across the USA and Canada in National tours. 
“Taking the lead from Charles Dickens himself, Philip Stern proved to be a master storyteller. His orchestrations and vocal arrangements not only set a new level of achievement at The Lamb’s Theatre; they in fact raised the standard of comparison to which future productions will be judged. As written and composed by Philip Stern, the now ageless story of Scrooge became a musical show so unpretentiously joyous in its message and so irresistibly generous in it’s outpouring of talent, that it became a holiday gift to all who entered the theatre.” Jim Hullinger, Lambs Theater. 

The studio cast album will debut in the Fall of 2022.

"As the show progressed, I found myself wondering what element of the story your next song would highlight as you delighted me with several surprises along the way.  Speaking of music, there wasn’t a low point in the two hours.  Not only were the tunes terrific but so were the arrangements and orchestrations.  You got a lot of music out of the small orchestral ensemble and your wonderful cast. As a theater director, I have to compliment you on the clever use of your choir to play so many parts without losing any nuance of the story or break in the reality of the show". 
​Wes Brustad former director of New Brunswick State Theater commenting on performances of Stern's Scrooge



A sampler track, 17 brief excerpts from film, orchestra, theater, jazz and more

TV Theme to From the Heart